Biodiversity Conservation

Sanctuary development- fish and bird

As part of the habitat restoration and protection 5 beels have been conserved as fish sanctuaries. A total of 4,759 bamboo/katha has been pilled in 5 beels/fish sanctuaries till to the half yearly reporting period. During the reporting period 572 Hizal tree branches have also been set up in 4 fisheries sanctuaries. 62,504 Nos. of natural fingerlings of carp fish species has been released in haor till to the reporting period. A few of critically endangered fish species-Chitla chitla, Tor tor, Rita has been restocked also. Besides, two (2) beels have been conserved as bird’s sanctuary.

Resource harvest modality

With the consultation of community members a total of 2 guidelines for fish harvesting is developed that contribute to maintaining sustainable limit of fish harvesting, its habitat protection and restoration. As part of integrated modality for fish harvesting from Tanguar Haor, the remote beels (Depression) have been brought under regulated fishing procedure by the community. Endorsement of the newly introduced modality by the THMC, community consultation and dissemination of information to community through several meetings has helped to establish the procedure.  Several one-to-one discussion sessions and media consultation have been needed to create positive attitude towards the system. Much attention has been paid to supervise and monitor the system introduced.

Commercial and non-commercial fish harvest

Community Based Sustainable Management of Tanguar Haor Project has been practicing both commercial and non-commercial approaches for resource harvesting with active participation of local fishers and project management for long five years. Commercial Fish Harvesting (CFH) has proven to be an important community event for the people of Tanguar Haor due to the valuable cash resource and vital source of earnings that fish provide both individuals and the community as a whole. Commercial harvesting takes place at a controlled scale and with a limited duration only from core zones. Whereas limited harvesting by local poor fishers for their daily subsistence are non-commercial mode. This kind of fishing is held in buffer zone including remote (distant from core zone) beels, streams, canals, river channel etc. Community organization has earned BDT 1,840,984 from CFH and NCFH in reporting year but cumulative earning reaches to BDT 8,889,369. The CCC   earned BDT 338,603 from CFH and BDT 934,685 from NCFH in last PY-I. The total earned amount of CCC is BDT 12, 73,288. In the year 2014 earnings from CFH has reached to the amount of Tk. 25, 50,714.50.


The community provide support for creating new swamp forests and protection of existing forests and reed lands on profit sharing basis. Zoning of natural resources is plotted with the cooperation of user groups and maintained the habitat for regeneration of reeds and swamp forests. During the PY-I, a total of 8,482 plants (Koroch-5,155, Hizal-3327) have been planted in 2 hectares land of 6 kandas under afforestation programme. With the support of community, a total of 60 hectares land has been conserved for regeneration of reeds and plants in 8 kandas till the reporting period.   A total of 4 kandas have been conserved for regeneration of reeds and plants during this reporting period.

Social awareness

Initiative to aware and motivate the communities of Tanguar haor for conserving natural resources has made significant progress in awareness. Diversified motivational campaign and training/consultation meetings for capacity/awareness building have been arranged in the light of conservation issues of TH resources.