Community Event

Annual commercial fish harvest

Commercial Fish Harvesting (CFH) has proven to be an important community event for the people of Tanguar Haor due to the valuable cash resource and vital source of earnings that fish provide both individuals and the community as a whole. It takes place at a controlled scale and with a limited duration only from core zones. Every year a number of fishermen groups from different villages of Tanguar Haor take part in fish harvesting. They gather at a place called Hatirgatha during the winter season (January-April) and get involved in fish catching as a part of commercial fishing. About 1000 Community members and Government Officials come together to promote Tanguar Haor management through commercial fish harvesting campaign. Practical demonstration and practice of fish resource harvesting is conducted by the community as well as associated management and a close watch on illegal fishing in the Tanguar Haor is conducted by community along with the project staff. Through commercial fish harvesting the project has produced not only financial benefits for the community but also increased fish stock in the region. In the year 2014 earnings from CFH has reached to the amount of Tk. 25, 50,714.50.

Community Event Docs

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