Day Observation

World Wetlands Day 2015: Children’s Art Competition




Chanting the slogan ‘Bhobichat Projonmer Jonno Jolabhumi’ (Wetlands for Future), World Wetlands Day 2015 was celebrated by IUCN in the haor surrounded district Sunamganj. To mark this occasion, IUCN in collaboration with CNRS and District Shishu Academy organized a children’s art competition under the auspices of Community Based Sustainable Management of Tanguar Hoar (CBSMTHP). The programme was held on 24 February at the district public library auditorium and attended by over 150 students from different schools of Sunamganj. The participants were divided into three groups considering their classes; Three (Ka Group), Four-Six (Kha Group) and Seven-Ten (Ga Group). Children belonged to the junior group were free to draw as their wishes. But the group kha was given a topics-environment and nature, while the senior group was asked to paint subjecting wetland’s nature.


The whole auditorium took a colorful look, as children got busy in portraying their imaginations. Blue sky, zigzag river, lofty mountains, wild animals, green plants and people interacting with wetlands were mainly explored in the diverse artistic and photographic works by those promising and young artists, demonstrating the key message ‘wetlands and nature are important to us’. Besides, incessant accompany of children’s conscious guardians was also a remarkable facet of the Art contest. They really showed a great patience sitting in a corner of the room and encouraged their kids continue coloring art papers until the last hour. Tremendous support also came from judges who roamed around the auditorium during the entire time of drawing and eyed on hundreds of color pages for choosing the best. The local journalists of Sunamganj rushed to the spot for capturing the day.


Mr. Mehedi Hasan, Assistant Programme Officer of IUCN and coordinator of the celebrating day moderated the discussion and award giving session, where Mr. Sayeed Mahmud Riadh, Project Manager of CBSMTHP, IUCN was present as chair. Mr. Debjit Singha, the Honorable ADC of Sunamganj graced the occasion as the chief guest. The special guests were Mr. Badal Chandra Bhaumik, District Officer for Children and Mr. Mahmudur Raman Tarek, Assistant Professor of Sunamganj Govt. College. The distinguished guests briefly discussed the significance of Wetlands Day and highly appreciated the enthusiasm of schoolchildren for making the day a festive one. Particularly, the chief guest thanked IUCN for creating an opportunity for the school students to expose their creativity and latent talents. He also urged IUCN to keep up such endeavors for those in the future. The Wetland Day programme came into end with distribution of attractive prizes among three winners from each of the group category. However, all the contestants left the day with smiles because of the ‘Children book on Tanguar Hoar’ handed over to each one.


World Environment Day 2013

Chanting with the slogan “Vebe Chinte Rekhe Khai Paribesh Bachai’ World Environment Day 2013 was celebrated at Tahirpur on 13 June. A day-long program was organized by CNRS with the support from IUCN. In the morning a rally marched around the Upazila area starting from the UNO office. Project staffs of IUCN & CNRS,UNO officials, community leaders and local youths spontaneously participated in the rally as led by the newly appointed UNO of Tahirpur.


At the end of rally, a discussion session was held at the public auditorium of Tahirpur.UNO presided over the session where a number of invited guests including Mr. Anisul Haque,Chairman,Tahirpur Upazila; Agricultural and Fisheries officer,Tahirpur Upazila office ;PC,CNRS;TC-EIG,IUCN; community leaders and local youths took part in discussion. Since the program was conducted under the project ‘CBSMTH Phase-III’ so almost discussions were centered into Tanguar haor. Speakers talked about the importance of conserving the biodiversity of Tanguar haor. They stressed to undertake necessary and effective steps so as to protect the natural resources of Tangua.


In this regard, Mr. Anisul Haque as a special guest brought some important points to the project authority of ‘CBSMTH Phase-III’. He opined that local stakeholders must be involved with the project activities in order to strengthen community mobilization. For this he urged to establish an interactive platform between project authorities and upazila/union authority. At the end of discussion, UNO put his concluding remarks while placing valuable guidelines towards successful implementation of the project activities. Moreover, he offered few burning questions regarding the project and asked open opinions of the participants. Some community leaders shared their experiences in a positive mood while few expressed their concerns. Following the open discussion, numbers of tree plants were freely distributed among the participants. The upazila Chairman handed over some plants to the local people and encouraged all for plantation of trees at a large scale.