Exposure Visit to Hakaluki Haor & Madhupur Forest

With the financial assistance of SDC, Community Based Sustainable Management of Tanguar Haor Project, Phase III organized a five days cross visit for the community leaders and project staffs to Hakaluki Haor,Sylhet and Madhupur Forest,Tangail from 27 March  to 31 March 2016.


The objectives of the tour were to experience wetland and forest management as well as to exchange  learning with the community organization there in a number of issues, particularly functioning of co-management committees, alternative livelihood activities, management of financial capital, legislative and regulatory support for conservation, and involving local stakeholders in the conservation of natural resources.

Considering scope of the project, a total of 51 participants including 39 community leaders were selected for the cross visit.  Some staffs of CBSMTHP, IUCN along with representatives from the partner organizations (CNRS & ERA) accompanied and facilitated the tour. The number of female leaders was 12 during this visit.    ‍

Significant part of the visit was meeting with Community Organization at Judistpur, Hakaluki Haor. The community leaders of Tanguar Haor were extensively engaged into discussion with the 35-members VCC (Village Conservation Center) committee represented by the president and General Secretary. Meeting with Community Forest Workers (CFW) & CMC at Madhupur,Tangail was another important aspect of the exposure visit.

CFW members who once were involved with illegal harvesting of forest resources shared their stories of transformation within the government good initiative. The community leaders of Tanguar Haor were really benefitted to know some alternative activities of CFW for making their livelihoods. However, the community people experienced the most enjoyable times during sightseeing at  Hakaluki Haor and Madhupur forest.