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The Government of Bangladesh as a signatory to the “Convention on Wetlands” also known as “Ramsar Convention” declared Tanguar Haor the “2nd Ramsar Site” in Bangladesh as well as an ecologically critical area. The Ministry of Environment and Forest (MoEF) has been entrusted to establish a community-based management system in Tanguar haor with technical support from IUCN Bangladesh Country Office. The MoEF has been playing a vital and very positive role towards success of the CBSMTH project. Strong commitment of the Government, as a whole, was expressed in the meetings of the Project Steering Committee which reflected in authorization of the project for the 3rd phase (Consolidation phase). The role of local level administration represented by UNOs of Tahirpur and Dharmapasha is always important in conducting various activities of the project. Almost all concerned Government officials (e.g. Magistrates and ADC-Revenue) are positively influencing for successful implementation of the project interventions. The involvement of Local Government institutions particularly Union Councils is also very important.

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Ministry of Environment & Forests

Ministry of Fisheries And Livestock

Ministry of Land

Economic Relations Division

Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation Division

Sunamganj District Adminstration


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