Livelihood Improvement

The livelihoods improvement programme has been introduced to reduce the dependency of local communities on TH resources which needs further qualitative improvement support as well as coverage extension within the TH landscapes. Capacity of the community to improve their livelihood by AIGs has been increased. During the half yearly reporting period (July-Dec’13), their accumulated fund has been increased to BDT 2,595,469. The total cumulative fund is BTD 17,932,105, and the Project has been utilizing this fund for livelihood improvement of the community. Total 2,572 community members trained on AIGA, in which 34% female (865), are using this fund to increase their household level income.  The female members have come forward to AIGAs for increasing income of their household. The female involvement has been increased (59%) for AIGAs than the previous year. Some  343 selected households (73% against planned) have been brought under Livelihood Improvement Plan (LIP) to support them by BDT 5000 each from project till reporting period. During reporting period 268 (72%) households have been brought under LIP. 67% (468 HHs) HHBP holders shifted to LIP in the reporting period. A batch of ToT programme on HHBP monitoring has been organized during the this period where 18 leaders (Female-3) from 10 VCCs have actively participated. Among 468 (10%) beneficiaries who have Livelihood Improvement Plan (LIP) till to the half yearly reporting period, 224(5%) HHs have completed LIP.