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TH Boundary
Tanguar Haor is a wetland system comprising of 10000 hectors of land area and is located at the north-eastern district of Sunamgonj close to the Indian border in the Meghalaya hill region. It is part of a wetland/floodplain complex of the Meghna and Surma river basin. These two rivers are among the main tributaries of the Brahmaputra River. Tanguar haor is located between Latitude: 25º5’25” and Altitude: 91º1’91”. Administratively, one third of the haor lies in the Tahirpur Upazila and the reminder in Dharmapasha Upazila, both within the Sunamganj District (North-West) of the Sylhet Division. The haor area covers 1 mouza of Uttar Banshikunda union, 5 mouzas of Dakshin Banshikunda union, 11 mouzas of Uttar Sreepur union and 4 mouzas of Dakshin Sreepur union. Although several hundred kilometers from the sea, Tangua haor is located at an elevation of only 2.5 to 5 meters above sea level, and water movement is generally sluggish.

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