Meeting on Tanguar Haor Future Management

A regional level consultation meeting was held to discuss about the future management of Tanguar Haor. The District Commission of Sunamganj organized the meeting under the CBSMTH project on 02 August 2016 at the Divisional Commissioner’s Office, Sylhet.


The Deputy Commissioner of Sunamganj chaired the meeting at the presence of Sylhet Divisional Commissioner as chief guest. Different stakeholders involved in wetland management at local and national level were mainly invited for discussion.

The CBSMTH project management presented the project for better understanding of the project background, achievements, current activities and challenges ahead. Experts took part in intensive discussion for coming into a consensus towards sustainable management of Tanguar Haor. A number of issues were pointed out including cooperatives formation, duck rearing, community guard strengthening, plantations, crop protected dams construction, beel excavation, eco-friendly  tourism development, etc.

The meeting  discussants also placed few recommendations for sustainable wetland management in Tanguar haor even beyond the project intervention period. The participants especially, focused on determining the exit process of the implementing project which is scheduled to end on 31 August 2016.