Achievements so Far

Major Achievements

 Established a co-management system to ensure people’s rights over Tanguar Haor resources

  1. A co-management system is in practice in Tanguar Haor supporting wetland’s resources towards sustainability. [learn more]
  1. A three-tier community organization is established involving the local people in a democratic way. [learn more]
  1. Leadership building and empowerment of the local community, including women’s participation in natural resource management of Tanguar Haor, is achieved. [learn more]
  1. The haor dwellers are getting access to fish after establishing their rights for sustainable harvesting. [learn more]
  1. Through mass awareness and motivational campaigns, a sense of ownership has grown among the local community for caring and conserving their Tanguar Haor resources. [learn more]
  1. Livelihoods of the poor communities of Tanguar Haor improved with financial assistance from their own accumulated fund as well as from different income generating activities. [learn more]

Protected, enriched, appreciated the biodiversity of Tanguar Haor

  1. Establishment of sanctuaries in Tanguar Haor leads to habitat improvement of fish, bird and other wildlife species. [learn more]
  1. Plantation programme in Tanguar Haor with community participation is contributing to the restoration of swamp forests. [learn more]
  1. Participatory biodiversity monitoring system is established in Tanguar Haor. [learn more]
  1. Community guarding is introduced and strengthened in the haor for ensuring protection of its resources. [learn more]
  1. Training to eco-tour guides widens scope for developing ecotourism in Tanguar Haor. [learn more]

Created enabling policy, legal environment

  1. The Government of Bangladesh provided adequate policy support, including gazette notifications towards sustainable management of Tanguar Haor. [learn more]
  1. Development of Tanguar Haor Management Rules with re-designing the existing co-management structure for endorsement of the Government claims appreciation. [learn more]

Improved the knowledge base of Tanguar Haor

  1. An information centre is set up as a knowledge hub for visitors enthusiastic to study and learn Tanguar Haor as well as its management. [learn more]
  1. Biodiversity assessments of Tanguar Haor have helped to improve our knowledge of its wildlife, plants and fish.
  1. People and culture of Tanguar Haor have been appreciated in a recent story book. [read the stories]
  1. Sustainable resource management of fisheries, swamp forests and water of Tanguar Haor has been prescribed. [learn more]