Publications on Other Wetlands

This book is an outcome of the impact study to capture and document the successes and lessons learnt  fromthe  CBA-ECA  project for wise-use management of the ECAs in Bangladesh.
This book contains easy methodologies to assess fish production, species richness and wildlife diversity as well as to assess biodiversity management and habitat health by monitoring indicator species.
This book provides guidelines for sustainable Management of Wetlands Resources in Bangladesh with community engagement.
This book as part of formulating an exit plan aims to provide proper guidelines and mechanisms for communities, to enable them to manage and sustain the current positive trends into the future.
This book has been written on haor and floodplain resource management in the light of women’s participation in resource management initiatives.
This book describes the approach and methodology in brief adopted for planning, implementation and demonstration of various activities in the five different wetland areas in the country.
This publication details out the justification of interventions, approaches considered and the chosen activities to enhance people’s awareness level at the project areas in the haor basin.
This publication gives a brief description of actions undertaken towards wetlands resource management with the local communities.
A training manual on natural resource governance which was originally developed in English and later translated into Bangla considering easy application in Bangladesh