Publications on Tanguar Haor

This book is a compilation of some interesting stories of Tanguar Haor where the haor people tell their own stories of culture, tradition, joys, deprivation and struggle for survival.
A framework book which is intended to provide a broad-based overview of the resource management and planning context of Tanguar Haor. This book also serves as a base for updating the existing Tanguar Haor Management Plan in future.
A story book about the children of Tangaur Haor who take lessons on the wetlands resources, and also participate in different activities towards conservation of the resources
This book has been published following a study on faunal biodiversity of Tanguar Haor. The wildlife of Tanguar Haor including amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals gets much importance in this book.
This book has been published following a study on floral biodiversity of Tanguar Haor. It brings the diversity of plants species in Tanguar Haor with particular focus on the conservation initiatives.
This book aims to share information on threatened and important fish  diversity of Tanguar Haor.This is an expectation of IUCN Bangladesh that the book will be of immense help to monitor changes
of important fish diversity of the Tanguar Haor
A pictorial book on Tanguar Haor which presents the Ramsar wetland with hundreds of beautiful photographs. This book is divided into some chapters focusing on life and resources (Birds, plants, wildlife, etc.) in Tanguar Haor.