Social Capital Management (SCM)

SCM program is continuing satisfactorily in Tanguar haor under CBSMTH project. The project has contributed to operate the SCM operation with the help of community organization. Organizational strength has been reached further towards a new milestone as the social capital (Fee + Subscription + Savings + Service Charge) reached to BDT 4,405,177 in the immediate past PY-I of phase-III. Financial assistance from SCM has been increased up to BDT 42,446,000 (revolving) from BDT 27,200,000 till the project year one (PY-I) and till the half yearly reporting period, (July-Dec’13) this amount increased to BDT 53,209,000 (revolving). According to tha baseline survey (2013), 61.3 percent households received capital support from SCM for their income generating activities towards their livelihood development and the average amount of financial support received were BDT 10570.

Collection of such huge amount by a community organization like Tanguar Haor, has been recognized as one of the historic success in the field of social mobilization in Bangladesh as well as other parts of the world. SCM database has been made available for all partners so that they can cross check all manually performed accounts with the software at field level. User-friendly accounting system for SCM has been introduced for the community.